hiya at the moment I am trying to play with different softwares, learn about data rights, maybe make this into a game (it’s taking it’s time to come to light) and doing some other bits and bobs. 

 if there are any links that do not work bear with me :}


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Our Data

our data is a prototype for an incremental clicker game that leads to libraries of resources about data resistance, rights and power. The game looks into the idea of bringing data closer to the body in order to understand the implications on the way we navigate the world..
It draws heavily from the book ‘Data Power; Radical Geographies of Control and Resistance’ (Dalton and Thatcher) and you can find development notes here.

Game link here: 


Toolkits for Counterparts online exhibition

Curated by April Lin 林森 and Mac Andre Arboleda

Disinformation, disability justice, and the logics of code, anatomy, and infrastructures are only some of the themes presented by UK-based Yifan He, Kate Frances Lingard, and nil00, and Filipinos Mirjam Dalire, Paolo Lorenzo, and cj silva aka frameweaver.


3 animations showed in the window Remade Network, Glasgow looking at cycles of repair 

As part of the ‘everything must go’ project 

There where some films that I showed on little tablets that used conversations around the game as a starting point
they should be able to be watched here soon, there is one up currently titled ‘trust’

‘tender spots in hard code...’

cards and links

I can send over instruction videos and manuals if anyone is interested 

I had a chat with the wonderful Jazmin Morris and Alice Yuan Zhang which was facilitated by Rebecca Edwards


‘tender spots in hard code...’

Project with arebyte Gallery

Involving a set of cards and quite a lot of tiny films I got carried away with which I will hopefully upload one day

The back of the cards are co-dsigned with Emelia Kerr Beale

The show had games made by :
Leo Robinson
Ben Hall
Rebecca Gill

It involved a text written by Colm Guo-Lin Peare which you can find here

It also had mousemats made by Ismay Bright

and the seating for the show made by Billie Angel

and Anna Vlassova helped build the wooden computers

Finn Rabbit Dove helped film the main 3 channel work involved 

You can watch that film here

the show also had models made by Siri Black, ‎Ariel Helyes, Jake Major and India Stanbra.

Find out more here

2021 and a bit of 2020

‘sunrise/sunset/all the time’

work in..

Wretched Light Industry

Downloadable collaborative open world 

Organised and built by Benjamin Hall and Jay Darlington via Serving the People 


This conversation is a server

Organising in Digital space: from decentralisation to distribution.

chat/event hosted by Residency 11:11 with Rebecca Gill and Colm Guo-Lin Peare

A little glossary of terms 

recent(ish) bits 

a series of notes 

animation bits

shorts for work in production

DAR page

Research page for the Digital Artist Residency in May 2020

2019 - early 2020

Shared Desktop Installation
@ RSA, Edinburgh

Go to installation...

That picture is of a mousemat made by Ismay Bright for the show

Syton X30 

contact me for vimeo link if you want to watch


contact me for vimeo link if you want to watch